·        # of publications - 54

·        # of blogs - 41

·        Newsletters - 18

·        # of Books - 2


Key Publications

1.      Smart Grid Redefined: Transformation of the Electric Utility.  Author Dr. Mani Vadari.  Published by Artech House, March 2018.

2.      Electric System Operations – Evolving to the Modern Grid.  Author Dr. Mani Vadari.  Published by Artech House.  Several universities such as University of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania State University, Stonybrook and others use it as a textbook.  Also, trending to 5 stars on Amazon.

3.      Key Considerations for Implementing Solar Community Lighting, Mani Vadari, White paper published by Modern Grid Solutions

4.      A Vision and Plan for the Next Generation Micro Grid, Dr Mani Vadari and Dr. Gerry Stokes, Brookhaven National Laboratories.  May 2013

5.      Mani Vadari, “Distributed Energy Resources: The Challenge of Integrating Supply/Demand Diversity”, Reference Article doi: 10.1049/etr.2016.0034, ISSN 2056-4007, Jan, 2017, Engineering and Technology Reference,

6.      Mani Vadari, “Distribution Automation: The Path to a Self-Healing Grid”, Reference Article doi: 10.1049/etr.2015.0106, ISSN 2056-4007, July 2016, Engineering and Technology Reference,

7.      Mani Vadari, “Smart Grid Redefined”, Reference Article doi: 10.1049/etr.2015.0064, ISSN 2056-4007, November, 2015, Engineering and Technology Reference,

8.      Mani Vadari, “Skills Sets for the Utility of the Future” T&D World, September 16th, 2015. This article was published as a part of an interview of Dr. Vadari “Make Things Real”, also published by T&D World.