Modern Grid Solutions (MGS) is a cost-effective, global, supplier of deep expertise and board-experienced domestic resources. Our team members have been industry colleagues for over 25 years. Our approach focuses on delivering actionable guidance, direction, and value based on the depth of our team’s expertise in New York, North America, and the world.

·  Offices in Seattle, WA but with a global presence and clients in over 5 countries.

· Through our network of consulting companies, we offer a broad range of services ranging from consulting, training to any/all parts of a software development life-cycle.

Our Principals


MGS has assembled a team consisting of a leading group of experts all having between 25 – 45 years of experience delivering complex, innovative technology, business, regulatory, and finance solutions to electric utilities, corporate clients and policy makers.  Our team brings global experience having successfully delivered strategy, tactics, and solutions to utilities, industry suppliers, and policy makers worldwide.  Our experts bring expansive breadth and tremendous depth in engineering, technology, economics, operations, and commercial areas directly applicable to utilities, suppliers, and regulators.

Dr. Vadari from Modern Grid Solutions provides the leadership and guidance for the team’s activities, however, each team member has personally led similar activities multiple time and coupled with their broad and deep experience allows everyone to operate effectively on specific individual tasks in parallel with other team members’ activities.

The team has more than 25 years of working together, and can provide a significant level of interchangeability, easily moving from one area to another to assist, clarify, provide consistency, and ensure no opportunities or details are overlooked.


Our mantra is  “if you have a problem, someone in our team has solved it successfully at least three times.”