Robert Moisan


Mr. Moisan has led the development and application of optimized generation planning tools which addressed the economic, environmental, and reliability implications of alternative generation supply options. He also provided economic and utility application expertise for many advanced generation technologies in numerous DOE and EPRI projects. He also led the technical and economic first of a kind study for EPRI on utility system impacts of PV and Wind energy resources. While Manager of Marketing and Energy Management for a Southwestern utility, he designed and implemented programs for residential and commercial demand side initiatives including incentive and financing options. During the initial development of distribution automation and control technologies, Mr. Moisan was responsible for developing economic and reliability models for utility applications in GE’s pioneering programs for T&D monitoring, protection, and control with digital technology. Co-developed the MISO Market Prototyping tool used for evaluating market protocols and new market product offerings. He is also the SME for a DOE STTR Project addressing big data and distribution system control with high distributed PV penetrations.