Michael Harrison

Mr. Harrison has spent more than 30 years working in and consulting to major utilities and regulatory entities in the United Kingdom and United States on matters ranging from privatization, industry restructuring, mergers & acquisitions, corporate/operating unit strategy, technology commercialization and business transformation across generation, transmission, distribution, customer operations and unregulated/new venture sectors.  A former senior managing director for Accenture, Mike has led many of the firm’s largest operations transformation programs across the entire lifecycle from vision creation to performance realization, with particular emphasis on Asset Management, Field/Network Operations, and Customer Engagement.  Coincident with and often integrated to his transformation leadership roles, Mike has worked with utilities and their key regulatory/local stakeholders to proactively support state or city wide energy efficiency, clean energy, and smart grid/city plans and programs.  Before launching his consulting career with UK privatization, Mike worked for Con Edison as an overhead lines crewman, generations supervisor, construction inspector, and engineer.  He then worked for the Independent Power Contracts unit of Pacific Gas & Electric Company.