Strategic Utility Smart Grid

Strategic Utility Smart Grid

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Dr. Vadari brings incredible depth in his knowledge of technologies and implementations ranging from demand response to renewables integration, microgrids, distribution automation and others as he helps clients with a range of activities from functional design to implementation.

Major IOU in the US Pacific Northwest

Led the team that developed and delivered a broad and deep distribution automation strategy.  MGS assessed the combined needs of all aspects of DA including hardware, software, sensors and communications across the utility’s footprint.  This allowed the utility to drive economies of scale both in procurement of automation hardware and software but also from the infrastructure focus on people and processes implications.  The study also included a detailed 10-year costing model and implementation roadmap resulting in presentations to utility senior leadership who accepted all our recommendations. 

Major IOU (multi OpCo) in the US Midwest

Led the team to update their existing technology roadmap and drive four main outcomes – to identify transmission technologies that (1) they should be following very closely – meaning that they may come to fruition in the next 1-3 years (2) may come to fruition in the next 5-8 years, (3) may come to fruition beyond 8 years and lastly, (4) those that may never come to fruition and may need to be placed on the shelf subject to future reevaluation.

Major Canadian Municipal Utility

Key a member of the team that developed a Smart Grid and System Operations roadmap for them.  The team executed 4 workshops to define the key problems in the As-Is and used them to define the To-Be technical architecture. The last workshop was focused on the roadmap and high-level business case for implementation.  Systems such as OMS, DMS and AMI formed a key part of the implementation plan and the client in on their way to implementing the systems.

Major IOU in the US-West

Led the development and operationalizing of the utility industry’s first ever Grid Modernization Plan and Smart Grid roadmap.  His team led development for Electric Operations for both Transmission and Distribution focusing on optimizing Electric Operations which include EMS/DMS, Outage Management, and a variety of other strategic “Smart Grid” options to deliver on a mandate for T&D grid of the future.

Major international utility

Smart Grid and System Operations Subject Matter Expert on the Global Smart Grid Strategy project assisting this client is developing a single Smart Grid strategy, roadmap and business case across gas/electric, Transmission/Distribution, and US/Europe.  A key aspect of this roadmap was the inter-play among capabilities where gas and electric keyed off each other over synergies for increased value for the company and stakeholders.  The work involved innovation across people, process and technology in a global marketplace.

Major utility and regional Grid Operator in Asia Pacific

Chief architect for the development of the Smart Grid Roadmap for several engagements in China the most significant ones that included a major transmission operator and a large municipal utility.  Primary among the recommendations out of the road-mapping effort was the need to “Firm up the base” focusing on integrating existing systems and developing advanced situational awareness and visualization. 

Battelle – VP of Energy Infrastructure

At Battelle, Dr. Vadari’s role was to maximize the returns from Battelle’s investments to support the robust pipeline of innovations in the Energy Infrastructure business.  Starting this business from scratch in 2009, his efforts resulted in creation of a viable and sustainable business for Battelle through a combination of alliances and internal R&D.  These efforts led to an expanding pipeline of utility work anchored by an industry leading demand management product, a major client, two of the largest ARRA Smart Grid Demo wins and an enhanced market branding and presence

AEP gridSMART™ Program

Dr. Vadari was one of the architects of AEP’s proposal and win of the ARRA Smart Grid Demo program. In this project, AEP Ohio and its partners demonstrated the ability to maximize distribution system efficiency and reliability, and innovative implementation of demand response programs to reduce energy consumption, peak demand costs, and fossil fuel emissions. Included in this project is a Distribution Management System, integrated volt-VAR control, distribution automation, advanced meter infrastructure, home area networks, community energy storage, sodium sulfur battery storage, and renewable generation sources.

Xcel Energy Smart Grid City


Dr. Vadari was the lead architect for the Smart Grid City project focusing on the integration architecture necessary to bring the various technologies to work together and deliver real value to the utility.  While the overall project was not considered a stellar success, several lessons learnt from this effort have been incorporated in many of the other projects in US and worldwide.