Strategic Industry and Research Experiences

Strategic Industry and Research ExperiencesState of New York – Reform the Energy Vision initiative

The State of New York initiated Reform the Energy Vision (REV) focused on defining a new way for New York’s energy future.  Funded by the New York State Smart Grid Consortium (NYSSGC), the US-DOE, Brookhaven National Laboratory and NYSERDA, Dr. Vadari’s had a key architectural role in defining what REV should look like and mean to the state’s IOUs. The effort culminated in the development of the DSIP guidance for the utilities in which Dr. Vadari took ownership of 2 of the 4 key areas; Grid Operations and Platform Technologies.

Major East-Coast Policy-making body

Led a team that identified simulation software that would allow the client to perform broad and deep policy-level and technical assessments of state-wide growth of DERs and their impact to key metrics such as reliability, resiliency, cost and others.  The project consisted of assessing the landscape of software and consulting vendors providing these services and identifying a short-list of vendors that could provide the services to the client.

New York State Smart Grid Consortium

As the technical consultant to the consortium, Dr. Vadari has been aiding in a broad variety of topics such as Microgrid technologies, grid innovation in sensors, IOT, communication as well as being a part of the core team for REV.

Government/Regulatory/Research Experiences

Dr. Vadari has established several long-term client-relationships with various US-Department of Energy Laboratories such as Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), and Lawrence-Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL). 

  • BNL (5 yrs)
  • LBNL (1 yr)
  • PNNL (1 yr) – Part of team designing the ADMS of the future – industry group lead and architecture role.

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)

US DOE’s Pacific Northwest National Lab partnered with Modern Grid Solutions to respond to GMLC (Grid Modernization Lab Call) focused on developing an Open ADMS development platform.  The main intent of this platform is to support the rapidly changing needs of the distribution system by allowing a common industry-standard environment in which new and innovative applications can be developed for the ADMS of the future.

Brookhaven National Laboratory

Modern Grid Solutions is assisting the client with the conceptual design of a Center for Grid Innovation (NY CGI).  The NY CGI will focus on new and innovative smart grid technologies, microgrids, controlled separation schemes and their impacts on planning and operation of distribution grid.

Modern Grid Solutions is also assisting the client with the development and analysis of demand response implications on dense urban networks.  The design is expected to focus on dense networks of very old buildings which are even more susceptible to overloads and could either need advance demand management or substantial investment in enhancing the distribution networks.

Major West Coast Research Organization

Dr. Vadari is assisting a major west-coast research organization with the realignment of its energy/grid strategy, one that will take advantage of the funding both from the US-DOE as well as industry sources and identify specific areas of growth.