Training Experiences

Training Experiences

Modern Grid Solutions under the leadership of Dr. Vadari has created a comprehensive set of business and technology briefing on several topics such as Smart Grid, System/Market Operations, Electric Utilities, Smart Grid Roadmap and Business Case, Electric Utility Transformation and others.  The objectives of the courses are on definitions, architectures as well as technical, business, and market trends.  The course materials also present key drivers of transformation, and roadmap supported by real-world case studies.

Over 25 individual modules have been developed that contain between 4-16 hours of training materials for each totaling about 250 hours of training content.  Following the principles of software development, we maintain a base version that gets enhanced with each delivery and with access to more materials.  These courses are delivered both in instructor-led and online/self-paced formats.

These courses are aimed at utility and non-utility executives and mid-to-senior level managers who will find this course very valuable as they identify opportunities and strategic solutions/services in the overall context of the modern grid eco-system.  Installation personnel, foremen and supervisors, technicians and engineers responsible for installation and operation of power system equipment will also understand the broader perspective on what they are implementing. 

In addition, Dr. Vadari has delivered several highly customized training courses to several major clients in US and around the world.  A select list is shown below.

IEEE Certificate Course on Smart Grid

IEEE has embarked on a Smart Grid certificate course delivered under the EdX/MOOC umbrella. This course is delivered by Modern Grid Solutions to a worldwide audience of over 8000 people spread across 167 countries.

Power System Fundamentals and Financial Modeling (CPCS Consulting)

Dr. Vadari and another expert delivered an intensive 3-day course to 25 consultants with background on financial modeling but working in the power industry.  Course materials included content and financial models for transmission, distribution and generation (hydro, combined cycle gas, wind, and thermal).

Smart Grid and Grid Modernization Training (Alstom Grid, JABIL, Calico Energy, Jamaica PS)

Dr. Vadari delivered multiple courses on smart grid to different audiences both at the senior and mid-level executives. Given the breadth of the topics possible, each course has been customized to the specific needs of the clients and has been delivered on site at Paris, Redmond WA, Tampa FL and other locations.

System and Market Operations Training (Puget Sound Energy, CLECO)


Dr. Vadari delivered multiple courses on a broad range of topics system and market operations from overall analysis of specific wholesale markets to DMS implementation lessons. These courses have been delivered to personnel ranging from senior executives to the DMS implementation team.