Other Assorted Experiences


Other Assorted Experiences

Select list of client implementations


Dr. Vadari also has extensive experience working with non-utility clients including established vendors, startups, and other entities.  Work for these clients cover a broad range of topics such as microgrids, demand response, asset management, AMI/Meter Data Management and other similar leading-edge technologies.

Expansion from the FEMA and mortgage refinance industry into the electric utility space

The client was a large privately held company with a dominant position in the FEMA/mortgage /inspection space and were looking at new industries where they felt that their core competencies could be leveraged.

Modern Grid Solutions and its team was invited to assess the strengths of their capabilities and develop a business model to enter the utility market.  The assessment performed by the MGS team included an analysis of other potential market players that could become acquisition targets if the business model was accepted by the company’s leadership.

Smart Cities

·        India – Smart Cities:  Dr. Vadari was a lead on the team selected by USTDA (United States Trade and Development Agency) to analyze needs for three smart cities in India (Ajmer, Vishakhapatnam, and Allahabad) a part of Prime Minister Modi’s plan to develop 100 smart cities over 5 years.  Dr. Vadari role is to drive energy, ICT, and transportation portions and to define an implementable roadmap.

·        Jamaica Public Service (JPS) – Intelligent Streetlights (USTDA project):  Government of Jamaica has mandated JPS, to replace existing HPS street light fixtures with LED with intelligent controls and revenue quality metering.  Dr. Vadari’s role in this project is to be Smart Cities/Smart Grid expert focusing on ensuring that the resultant solution can either leverage existing plans for Smart Grids.

·        Turkey/Jordan (USTDA Project):  This is a definitional mission (DM) to identify, evaluate and recommend suitable smart city infrastructure projects in Turkey and Jordan for USTDA funding. Implementation funding can come from a combination central/municipal gov’ts, private sector, and multilateral and private financial institutions in both countries. Focus of the DM is on efforts to support integrated planning for intelligent transportation; smart utilities (energy, water and waste management); emergency management, and e-citizen services.  Dr. Vadari’s role is to focus on the Smart Utilities.

·        Readiness Workshops:  Dr. Vadari has delivered several workshops of lengths from ½ day to 3-days to audiences on different aspects of Smart Cities including how cities should plan their strategies and develop a roadmap.  The readiness workshops have been offered in locations such as Dubai, Cape Town (South Africa), Mauritius, Washington DC, Seattle and to companies such as Intel and others.

Major International Electrical Engineering Company

The company wanted to enter the US Smart Grid market. Dr. Vadari performed a detailed analysis of marketplace and recommended areas for them to consider. A business model was also developed including – business scope, strategy, competitive landscape, key assumptions, and a roadmap with mileposts. The company has accepted the recommendations and is in advanced stages of 2 acquisitions.

Major Demand Response Vendor

A Smart Grid Vendor wanted an independent analysis of the competitive landscape around their product suite.  Dr. Vadari performed an analysis of the marketplace on all companies that made similar products or were in their space. This list was down-selected to 5 and a more detailed analysis was performed.  A SWOT analysis was also performed leading to a final list of recommendations which are being implemented.

Major international Smart Grid vendor

The vendor wanted to move into two new areas and asked Dr. Vadari to assess the potential.

·        Asset Management strategy: Key aspects of the effort included developing and managing a survey with their current and future potential clients and using the outcomes to drive the next steps and a roadmap.


·        MDM strategy: Key aspects of this effort included extending the focus of MDM to include all “beyond the meter” data and change the paradigm to create an entirely different approach which upon completed, would allow the vendor to move into data analytics much faster with little to no expected competition.